Who We Are

Christina Betts

I joined Alternate Shadows in 1998 for our first Edinburgh Show.  I sourced all the props for the show and now my house is full of 17 years worth of props and costumes.  If I had bought shares in Poundland and The 99p Shop I would be able to afford a new house to store it all.

Joking apart, I have enjoyed being a member of Alt Shads (as we call ourselves for short).  Where else could I claimed to have been a Punk Rock Fairy and a Maggie Thatcher style Prime-Minister.  Or having to go to an award ceremony, on my own, to pick up 5 awards.  And having to ask if they had a bag to put them in.

We may not be professionals, but over the last 17 years we have become better than some professional companies I have seen recently.  The dedication and way we pull together as a team, can't be beat.