Who We Are

Felim McCarthy


Felim joined Alternate Shadows in 2000 following his return to Am Dram in Kerrie Cooks production of The Railway Children in which he starred with his youngest son Jacob.

Felim went on to perform in a number of plays across a range of genera including pantomime, comedy, murder mystery and dramatic presentations.

Felim, due to work commitments, was unable to undertake any performances in 2014. However he is once again active in Alternate Shadows.

Outside Alternate Shadows, Felim has performed in a number of different productions at Medway Little Theatre, on film, TV, and in Gibraltar.

He has acted alongside his Daughter Rachael and continues to act alongside his eldest son Dominic and his Daughter in law Emily.

Felim's entry in IMDB is a direct result of Alternate Shadows.

Felim cannot envisage life without the outlet offered through acting and hopes to continue well into his cottage, some may say he has achieved that objective already.

Panto brings the opportunity to be a Boy Teddy since Felim missed out on being a Teddy Boy.