Shirley Valentine

Shirley Valentine
by Willy Russell

"Thou shalt give thy feller mince every Thursday. It's the eleventh commandment isn't it? Wait till he finds out he's only gettin' chips an' egg for his tea tonight."

Shirley Bradshaw is a 42 year-old mother and housewife whose hopes and self-confidence have been badly shattered by school, marriage and life.

As she prepares her husband's evening meal - which must be on the table as he opens the front door every night - she dreams of breaking out of her mould and being herself... Shirley Valentine.


Shirley Valentine - Christina Betts


Director - Renato Abeydeera

Poster by Kerrie Cooke

14 April 2000

15 April 2000
Medway Little Theatre, Rochester 

17 March 2001
The Star Theatre, Rochester