Timothy's Teeth

Timothy's Teeth
by Richard Harding & L.R.Johnson.  Original music by Alan Roots.

A Summer Pantomime for the young and young-at-heart.

When Felicity Filling and Keef Decayed steal Timothy's milk-tooth, from under his pillow, Toffee Teddy and Fairy Nuff, mount a daring rescue of the missing molar.

With the aid of an ageing tube of toothpaste - Col. Gates - they set out on their search and prepare to do battle with the dreaded 'Monster under the bed'!

Excellent fun with an educational theme running throughout. Timothy's Teeth premiered in July 2002.


Toffee Teddy - Wez Setchfield
Fairy Nuff - Richard Harding  
Felicity Filling - Sophia Harding
Keef Decayed - Tim Cooke 
Mickey - Chris Brake
Col. Gates  - Steve Pearce
Monstie - Steve Perrin 


Director - Richard Harding 
Lights - Derek Thompson
Sound - Alan Roots
Costumes - Jenny Bridger, Maxine Laws & Kerrie Thompson
Props/Set Designers - Math Burch, Bob Cooke, Tim Cooke, Line Packaging Ltd

27 July 2002
The Brook Theatre 


25 March 2002
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