Arbuthnott's Demise

Arbuthnott's Demise
An Original Murder Mystery Evening

It’s the swinging 60’s and there’s greed, scandal, lust and ultimately murder afoot at the art galleries of the wealthy and influential Clive Carmine. Nothing is quite as it seems – as an Art Dealer with a huge reputation, an International Philanthropist and a respected Art Critic, gather for the unveiling of the latest art work of international artist – Alan Arbuthnott.

This is an original murder mystery, so watch as the events unfold and see how much of a super sleuth you really are. Can you discover the method, the murderer, and the motive and see justice done? Only time can tell. The clues to a murder will unfold before you, after which YOU the audience are invited to join in the investigation and assist in the interview of the suspects. Take part in the questioning or remain a passive observer - the choice is yours.


Alan Arbuthnot - Steve Perrin
Lucia Arbuthnot - Sophia Harding
Tilly Trelline - Megan Pemberton
Clive Carmine - Tim Cooke
Francis Fenton - Sylvana Mamo
Drake Drummond - Julian Felice
Marcus Medici - Felim McCarthy
Lady Solly StJohn Smythe - Carol Scott
Sam Shovel - Mick Harris & Bob Cooke 
Police officer - James Copland

Poster by Tim Cooke

19 January 2013
Independent Living at Signal Court, Solomon Road, Gillingham

31 August 2007 
Cleave Warne Hall 

5 September 2007
The Brook Theatre, Chatham

11 Nov 2006
Tunbury School, Walderslade