The Beauty Sleeping

The Beauty Sleeping
by Peter Nuttall

A pantomime for all the family

A novel reworking of the classic tale of Sleeping Beauty, which includes a precognitive goblin, a money-obsessed king, a wicked witch, a good witch and a talking cat.


Fiddle - Owen Beesley
Tinkle - Richard Harding
Mother Droopy - Roger Hoffman
Hogben - Helen Bradshaw
Cat - Jayne Friend
King Jeff Beauty - Felim McCarthy/John Bradshaw
Queen Britney Beauty - Tracy Minhard/Christina Betts
Plop - Alan Roots/Lennie Daley
Betty - Carol Scott/Sophia Harding
Princess Beauty - Lizzie Bradshaw/Nina Minhard


Director - Richard Harding

Backstage Crew -
Andy Whiting, Christina Betts, Sam Harding-Miller, Jamie Maisner, Tracey Mills & John & Lizzie Bradshaw

Costumes/Props -
Andy Whiting, Kerrie Thompson,
Christina Betts, Alison Whiting & Cast

Set Design, Painting & Construction -
Andy Whiting, Kerrie Thompson, Saffron Thompson, Richard Harding, Helen Bradshaw, John Bradshaw
& Christina Betts

Sound & Lighting - 
Mick Harris & Ben Harrison

Poster by Tracy Morford

4th Feb 2012
Pilgrim School, Borstal

11th February 2012
Riverside Primary School

25th Feb 2012
St William of Perth R.C School, Rochester

17th March 2012
Cuxton Community Junior School

24th March 2012
St. Margaret's at Troy Town, Rochester