Month by Month There's Murder

Month by Month There's Murder
A Pyramid Puzzles Murder Mystery Night

The Big summer fair is due to open at three. The WI lecturers at Denman Hall are launching their new fundraising campaign. A saucy, but tasteful calendar is the talk of the village.

However, first thing this morning, Miss June, A.K.A. Mrs Williams the gym instructor was found dead, crushed beneath a pile of weights, Miss July, A.K.A. Mrs Symons the art lecturer, was found shortly before breakfast, posed for a still life painting class.The only problem being, she was very lifeless...

And now at elevenses, Miss August, A.K.A. Ms Watson the beauty therapist, has been found on a beauty table smothered to death by an organic facemask …

Someone is killing off the calendar girls…

Month by month…

11 March 2014 Cast and Crew


Helen Bradshaw - Mrs Elstin
Carol Scott - Mrs Bennett
Felim McCarthy - Mr Prent
Owen Beesley - James Frim
Geoff Downe - Mr Lewis
Gina Pearce - Mrs Dixon
Sophia Harding - Insp Fern
Alex Lawes - Ms Ryder
Christina Betts - Miss Patridge
Karen Williams - Ms Hewitt


Jamie Maisner - Sound
Andy Whiting - Lights
Directed by - Richard Harding

26 March 2012 Cast and Crew


Mrs Bennett - Miss December - Carol Scott
Ms Ryder - Miss April - Tracey Mills
Mrs Dixon - Miss October - Jayne Friend
Ms Hewitt - Miss November - Karen Williams
Miss Partridge - Miss March - Christina Betts
Detective Insp Ferne - Sophia Harding
Miss Elstin - Miss May - Tracey Minhard
Mr Lewis - Owen Beesley
Mr Prent - Felim McCarthy
Mr Frim - Mick Harris 


Lighting and Sound - Tia Barrie and Ben Harrison
Stage Manager - Andy Whiting Directed by Richard Harding

22 March 2014 Cast and Crew      


Mrs Bennett - Carol Scott       
Ms Ryder - Tracey Mills       
Miss Elstin - Jayne Friend       
Mrs Dixon - Emma Thompson       
Ms Hewitt - Karen Williams       
Miss Partridge - Christina Betts       
Mr Lewis - Steve Perrin       
Mr Prent - Mick Harris       
Mr Frim - Terry Williams       
Detective Ferne - Sophia Harding       


Tech Team - Derek Thompson, Elaine Laight, Andy Whiting, Richard Harding       
Stage Manager - Kerrie Thompson

Poster by Chris Brake

26th March 2012
Women's Institute at Wainscott 

12th May 2012
28th Medway Scouts at Breton Road Scout Hut, Rochester

30th June 2012
St Matthew's Church at Cleave Warne Hall 

29th March 2014
Dobbies Garden World, Gillingham, Kent

11th March 2014
Gravesend & Dartford Over 50s Club at Heritage Community Hall, Swanscombe, Kent 

22nd March 2014
11th Medway Scouts at Rycroft Hall, Chatham, Kent.

8th February 2014
King’s School, Boley Hill Rochester.