Lights, Camera, Murder!

Filming of the latest Loretta Lawson movie isn't going very well. The famous movie star is being difficult, and not just about the three death threats she's received...

Marcia Manner is the younger, ambitious starlet on set who's turning all the males heads, the stunt man has the bruises to prove it. Its Aubrey's finest hour but, the director has plenty to worry about.

Is someone trying to sabotage his film?

A Scenic dock fire, burst pipes flooding the film store, what else can possibly go wrong...

Lights, Camera... Murder!

Cast & Crew:-

Eustance/Eustacia Grimpole - Richard Harding, Sophia Harding & Kerrie Thompson

Loretta Lawson - Carol Scott, Sophia Harding & Karen Williams 

Marcia Manner - Karen Williams, Emily Keogh, Jayne Friend & Alex Lawes

Lucas Kebbles - Felim McCarthy & Kairn Bignell

Scott Nichols -  Mick Harris, Steve Westcott & Richard Harding

James Knott - Adam Pickering, Dan Abraham & Chris Brake

Grace Dickson - Denise Wilton

George/Georgina Parker - Sophia Harding, Helen Bradshaw, Karen Williams, Tracy Minhard

Aubrey Stratham - Owen Beesley, Karen Williams, Elaine Laight, Helen Bradshaw & Emily Keogh  

Hosts - Kerrie Thompson, Sophia Harding & Richard Harding

Lights and Sound - Julian Burrows, Caz Mills, Christina Betts, Kairn Bignell, Derek Thompson & John Bradshaw


Poster by Tim Cooke

Sat 5th March - Marriott Hotel, Maidstone For Obart Pumps  

Thurs 10th March - Who'd Ha Thought It pub, Rochester   

Fri 11th March - The Roffen Club, Rochester 

Sat 19th March - Memorial Hall, Higham 

Sat 9th April - Chatham 11th Scouts

Sat 16th April - St Matthews Church, Borstal

Sat 7th May The Woodlands, Gillingham - For the Samaritans

Sat 14th May - Woodpecker Bowls Club - Bobbing, Sittingbourne

Sat 21st May - Medway 28th Scouts Rochester

Fri 3rd June - Vigo & Culverstone Scouts, Vigo