Foul Deeds

Foul Deeds at The Falstaff

Foul Deeds at The Who'd Ha' Thought It

A Pyramid Puzzles Murder Mystery Night

Fisticuffs and furtive goings on are only the tip of the ice bucket at the Falstaff pub. There are shady dealings and dastardly plans afoot and that is just by the staff…
Maisy the barmaid is a little worried about her boyfriend, George the Cook; he seems to be up to his old tricks again…

Christy the landlady is equally bothered by the antics of the strange woman in the guest room upstairs… and then Kurt the bully boy turns up looking for Jasper, her son. Bill, the not so upstanding Landlord is not easily perturbed but when a dead body turns up in the bar lounge he starts to feel the pressure when Detective Inspector Grimpole just happens to step in for a pint…


Maisy Bell - Sophia Harding
Christy Johnson - Helen Bradshaw
& Christina Betts on 29th Nov only
Bill Johnson - Felim McCarthy
Jasper Johnson - Dominic Johnson
Mrs Quibbles - Emily Keogh 
& Carol Scott on 10th Nov only 
George Gilbert - Terry Williams 
& Adam Pickering on 10th Nov only
Kurt Banner - Mick Harris 
& Roger Hoffman on 10th Nov only
F red/Fran - Chris Brake 
& Alex Lawes on 29th Nov only
Mr/Mrs Morgan - Roger Hoffman on 10th Nov 
Alex Lawes on 17th Nov 
& Gina Pearce on 29th Nov 
Detective Eustace Grimpole - Steve Perrin
Police Officers - Jaimie Kennard, Clare Baker

Posters by Chris Brake

1o & 17 November 2012
Cleave Warne Hall, Borstal Village

27 November 2012
The Who'd Ha' Thought it Pub, Rochester, in aid of Air Ambulance