Lord Westerton Is Dead.  Again!

Lord Westerton Is Dead. Again!
A Pyramid Puzzles Murder Mystery Night

Lady Agatha Westerton, is having a dinner party to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the death of her husband Lord Westerton.

One of the guests announces that they believe Lord Westerton was in fact murdered, and the culprit who got away with it is at that very dinner table. And they can prove it! Surprisingly, there is another sudden death! Detective Grimpole will need his wits about him to solve this mystery, twice.

Emily Westerton - Tracey Mills
D.I. Grimpole - Owen Beesley
Lady Agatha - Helen Bradshaw
Lord Westeron - Mick Harris
James Denton - Lenny Daly
Mrs Day - Carol Scott
Lawrence Pyme - Felim McCarthy
Gordon Westerton - Steve Perrin
Nibbs - Roger Hoffman
Amelia Forbes - Sophia Harding & Christina Betts
Lucy Westerton - Jayne Friend

Lighting/Sound - Derek Thompson
Directed by Richard Harding

Poster by Tim Cooke

12th November 2011
Scout Hut, Breton Road, Rochester

19th November 2011
Cleave Warne Hall