Murder Amongst the Roses

Murder Amongst The Roses
A Pyramid Puzzles Murder Mystery Night

Can you spot the clues and solve the crime in our latest Murder Mystery?

Set in the coffee shop of Blooms garden centre. Mr Blooms is found dead in his study. Someone had it in for him... 
Take part as the clues unfold, or simply watch and enjoy as the police investigate. You will be able to assist the police in their line of questioning.

Could you spot the lies and deception and nab the murderer before Detective Inspector Ferne?

A joint fund-raising venture with St Matthew's Church.


Mrs Rose Blooms - Tracey Minhard
Miss Poppy Blooms - Jayne Friend
Lilly - Helen Bradshaw
Woodrow - Roger Hoffman
Clay Woods - Richard Harding
Pete Sands - Steve Perrin
Mr Thorne - Mick Harris
Ivy - Carol Scott
WPC Berry - Colleen Rawlings
PC Jones - Lenny Daly
Inspector Ferne - Sophia Harding
Mr Blooms - Kairn Bignall


Lighting/Sound - Derek Thompson
Stage Manager - Kairn Bignall
Director - Kerrie Thompson

Poster by Tim Cooke

Poster by Kerrie Cooke

May 14th 2011
Cleave Warne Hall

March 2001
The Royal Function Rooms, Rochester