Little Red Riding Hood

Little Red Riding Hood

by Tina & Robert Burbridge

Alternate Shadows 2011 Pantomime

"Your plans to turn the world to bad are just your normal huffing, for you are just a big bad wolf - who's full of huff and puffing!"

Welcome to Nursery Rhyme Land, a land full of colour and characters. Welcome to this school to watch our Fairy Tale.

A brilliant traditional pantomime with all the ingredients for audience participation.

The big bad hungry wolf plots and schemes with his hapless henchmen, the pigs. His desire: to catch poor little Red Riding Hood. Will a Fairy and Billy, the Woodcutter's son, save the day?


Red Riding Hood - Tracey Mills-Maisner
Dame Robyn Hood - Owen Beesley
Jack - Richard Harding
Wolf - Mick Harris
Fairy - Tracy Minhard & Carol Scott
Billy - Jayne Friend
Laurence - Helen Bradshaw
Llewellyn - Amanda Crust
Bowen - Sophia Harding
The Woodcutter - John Bradshaw
Granny - Christina Betts


Stage Crew - Tia Barrie, Colleen Rawlings, Jamie Maisner, Lizzie Bradshaw & Andy Whiting
Director - Richard Harding
Costumes/Props - With thanks to Kerrie Thompson, Andy Whiting, Tia Barrie
Set Design, Painting & Construction - Richard Harding, Andy Whiting, Christina Betts, Sam Harding-Miller, Helen & John Bradshaw,Tracey Mills-Maisner & special thanks to Chichi Parish
Lighting & Sound - Ben Harrison and Jamie Edwards

Poster by Chris Brake

March 2011
The Pilgrim CE Primary School, St William of Perth RC Primary School.

12th February 2011
Riverside C of E Primary School, Gillingham

February 2011
St Margarets at Troy Town CE Primary School